Cadde 54 rises in Serdivan, as one of the most central districts in Sakarya Province with numerous investments contributing to municipal and regional development.

Changing the urban culture in city center, Cadde 54 is a complete center with its proximity to educational institutions, universities, healthcare institutions and historical places. Cadde 54 also provides an invaluable opportunity by its location over public transport lines.

Designed in accordance with international standards and modern life concepts in Serdivan District standing as the major center of this region with its unique location and industrialization processes, Cadde 54 provides a significant investment opportunity in many aspects.


Are you dreaming of a colorful future for your beloved ones?
If yes, then just visit CADDE 54.

The stores and playgrounds dedicated to children form the colorful world of Cadde 54.

By various entertaining activities, Cadde 54 will be a brand new center for the children to spend enjoyable times.

As your beloved ones spend enjoyable times, you would be able to meet your requirements by going shopping around the squares and the shopping center or you would spare some time for yourself by tasting delicious meals in the cafes located in the squares.